Vending Lockers helps departments dispense & take back assets for return or repairs

With a swipe of the badge, your employees can drop off their laptops into a secure locker equipped with an internet connection and power and IT can remotely troubleshoot and update saving time and costs. In order to keep productivity high, loaner or new laptops can be fully staged and charged ready for employee use. Back-end software reconciles the transactions with your Enterprise Ticketing Platform. Lockers are robust, modular and can be fully branded to suit the look and feel of your environment.

Streamline Inventory & Increase convenience:

  • IT staff not required to send for pick-up of the asset and return thereof once fixed
  • Secure storage for a short duration of time
  • Then, automate the dispensing of keyboards, earphones, mice, cables etc. with the tap of an employee badge, freeing up IT resources
  • High-ticket item dispensing due to our patented technology (no belts, no motors, no cables)
  • Your solution also allows for secure parcel deliveries for employees 


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