Mask vending and ultraviolet protection for Corporate Offices

As your Corporate Office gears up to reopen and welcome back employees, how will you be able to assist in the drive to facilitate a healthier work environment?

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The Challenges

within an Corporate Office Building post COVID-19

Reusable Masks & PPE

To make the workplace safer, companies need to provide easily accessible re-usable PPE (personal protective equipment) and control their issue.

Hygiene Concerns

Employees will be concerned about their safety and will be more aware of personal hygiene in the office environment.

The Solution

Add safety in the Employee Journey at the office

Corporate offices post COVID-19

Help with safety

Employers want to provide a safe environment and access to personal protective gear for staff.



To obtain protective gear i.e. masks and gloves, staff only have to tap their employee badge on the vending machine


Secure Locker

Employees tap their badge and a secure locker compartment opens. They place items including reusable masks, cellphones and laptops to disinfect


Disinfecting Cycle

It takes a 30-45 second cycle to disinfect all surfaces the UV light touches. Locker door opens automatically when the cycle is complete



Dispense a large product range. Our machines don't require any special packaging for merchandising and change your planogram without our assistance

Modular &

Grow as you need and mix and match machines as your requirements change. Add a locker/s to increase the functionality

Intelligent Cloud-based Software

That offers easy management and support of the machine. Integration with Servicenow and tracking the amount of PPE issued


That allows you to leave behind coil systems and dispense PPE with confidence. Decrease service calls, increase up-time and enhance employee satisfaction

UV Lights in Lockers

Sanitize the interior compartment, 30-45 second cycle to disinfect where the UV light shines. Use for personal items i.e. reusable masks, mobile phones or laptops

Secure Lock-up

Items are securely stored in a heavy gauge metal compartment with Employee badge or PIN access

Signifi Screen Safe

Liquid nano protective coating on all touchscreens (optional) reacting as an anti-bacterial barrier. Lasts for up to 30 days depending on amount of traffic

Power & Networking

In-Locker options available - charge phones and/or provide network access for laptops

uv-lights in lockers

Our Integrated Solution

Our unique vending and locker solution assists Corporates to dispense PPE and control the issue thereof according to predetermined settings.  Then, extend the functionality with additional secure lockers that incorporate UV Lights to help disinfect personal items and help keep employees safer.
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